Handing over a business card to a person you’ve just met is now just a swipe or snap away with your mobile device. In these so technological times, there are lots of apps that design, store and send digital business cards to other mobiles.


Others use the mobile phone’s camera to snap printed business cards and sync the information with contact lists or CRM system. There’s no need to mumble around in a wallet full of business cards to follow up with new connections. For sure, mobile apps can organize your business cards. But despite the possibility of the digital technology, physical business cards are still popular, even such apps as Bump and Business Card Reader appeared.


But Business Card Readers are the most useful and comfortable in use in business life. When you don’t have enough time to tape all the info from the business cards into your phone, you can use it everywhere and make your life easier.


Six of the best digital business card apps ever:


  • Zap

    One of the newest apps on the market, Zap is filling the void left by Bump. Create your digital business card from your LinkedIn or Twitter profile, flick it to other iPhones with the app, or email to phones without. iOS, free (Android version planned).
  • Business Card Reader for Multi CRM

    This program has many features and is perfect for anyone. You can export your data one at a few CRM system. Only in two clicks, you are ready to transfer the data from the calling card to your mobile phone and CRM system. This is personal information and company information. Of course, it is very useful in business life to save time for more important things. It is free for both iOS and Android, but you pay for expanded functionality.

  • Bizz Card

    Creates stylish digital business cards, which are easy to make and send to new contacts by swiping the screen. Recipients have the possibility to save your contact details to their address book and see your social profiles. iOS 7, free, but you pay for templates.
  • WorldCard Mobile

    Another business card scanner with a useful function allowing users to flick through stored business cards like a digital Rolodex. Slide to view business cards, find contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, share contacts on cloud services. iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Free, or paid $6.99.
  • CamCard

    Scans and stores business cards, or exchange electronic versions of cards. iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Free, paid version $0.99.
  • ScanBizCards

    Updates iPhone address book and Outlook contacts automatically after scanning the process of the cards. Links directly to LinkedIn and is one click away from sending a LinkedIn to invite to any scanned contact. iOS, Android, Windows. A free version, $1.29 paid version.


Of course, there are lots of useful apps for business, but these you have read about are the best ones to deal with digital business cards. Choose the one which suits you and your lifestyle the best, and work with it during the day or in the business meeting to save your time.


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