Quality customer service is an essential part of any business. If you are a good seller, you can sell anything to anyone, but only once. The ability to sell something to clients depends on your approach.

Here are some tips which help you to improve your service:

1. Do not make promises if you can not keep them.

Reliability is one of the key factors in a good relationship, and customer service is not an exception. If you say “Furniture for your new bedroom will be delivered on Thursday,” make sure it will be done on Thursday. The same rule is appropriate for meeting appointments with deadlines. Nothing annoys customers more than a broken promise.

2. Consider complaints.

No one likes hearing complaints, but you should be able to overcome yourself. If you pay attention to such accusation, perhaps it would be possible to improve customer service quality.

3. Take an extra step.

For example, if someone enters your store and asks you to help in finding something. You should not say: “It’s on the shelf No.9” Take the customer to the goods. And even better – wait. Maybe the client has questions or he needs something else. If you want to provide quality service, whatever this extra step is, do it.

4. Train your employees

Do it by yourself or hire an instructor. Discuss with them what is quality customer service. The main thing is to give to each member of your team enough information and authority to make such minor decisions for pleasing the client.

5. Listen to your customers.

Is there anything more intolerable than telling someone your requirements or describing a problem? Especially when it turns out that this person has listened to everything, but need the second explanation. From the client’s point of view, I guess, there is. Let the clients speak and say, and you prove to him that you are listening by answering the answer, for example, by suggesting ways to solve the issue.

6. Give something beyond the promised.

People love to get beyond what have expected. It does not matter whether it is a discount coupon or additional information on how to use the product. Even just a smile! Do not think that you need something very significant to affect.

If you always apply these six simple rules, your business will become famous for its excellent service. And the best thing about this is that high-quality customer service will bring your company more new customers faster than advertising and price cuts have ever brought!

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