The salesman often considers the CRM system as another tool that will add work to them. It is also another way of controlling the manager. They are annoyed by the fact that you have to spend too much time to enter data into the CRM system. Sellers believe that it distracts them from the main task – sales. This article is not about why sellers do not always perceive the CRM system as a blessing. It is about why, in fact, this digital structure is necessary for sellers, and how it can make their life better.

So, why sellers need a CRM system?

1. Salesman get a secure data storage

CRM system helps salesman safely and centrally store all contacts, activities, as well as planned events in one place. It also provides constant access to the system regardless of the location of the seller. Do not hesitate, your data will not be lost.

2. Reports about completed work

CRM system helps sellers prepare weekly and monthly reports for management. This process is automated and transparent. Just need to make few clicks – and you can notify everyone about the status of current transactions.

3. The salesman would be able to plan and manage time as a professional

CRM system assists sellers to optimize their plans for the day and set the tasks in order of priority. So, you do not have to worry about missing out on important leads. In fact, the CRM system frees more time for sellers to interact with customers, which means more deals and a growing customer base. One of the manage-time methods is using mobile application. For example, thanks to the Business Card Reader for Hubspot CRM you can easily enter data from business cards into your HubSpot CRM just in two taps. Take a photo of the business card and all the information will be directly imported into HubSpot.

4. Be aware of what is happening

CRM system offers users common calendars, sales templates, and integration with e-mail, thus integrating team members and providing up-to-date information. Sharing templates and processes allow the salesman to determine the most effective ways of selling. The CRM system also stimulates communication between sellers and their management.

5. Saving money

Even considering the fact that the CRM system is not a cheap thing, it actually helps you save money! Being an effective tool for sellers using the CRM system, you reduce the number of errors (for example, in orders and sales plans). The effort and cost of correcting these errors can cost you much more. You save even on such things as note paper, which constantly disappears because all new information can be safely stored in the system.

In conclusion, The seller and the CRM system is not always “love at first sight”, but after a while, sellers begin to feel the benefits of using it. Using of CRM properly can improve the efficiency of any team of sellers, helping them succeed in four important areas:

  • Improve search, segmentation, and qualification of leads;
  • Close transactions systematically and timely;
  • Prioritize tasks and improve their actions;
  • Execute sales plans faster;
However, all these improvements the CRM system brings also require effort, understanding, and commitment from the sellers. Sales representatives should understand unanimously that upgrading the CRM system is the key to their success!
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