Myths about the CRMs systems.

CRMs system is a business strategy aimed at studying and understanding the needs of existing and potential customers. Now, it’s time to deal with myths and legends about CRMs system and its place in business.
  1. Free CRM exists

The multi-user free version is the easiest marketing trap. You start to use the free part of functionality in a user-friendly way, enjoy the data, then you stop missing the set of opportunities and it’s time to pay for each step, switching to a paid version, and so on. A common move in the Global CRM markets.
  1. CRM sells everything itself

Customer Relationship Management does nothing for the user, it’s a tool, the same as a PC or MS Word. You do not expect that MS Word will make a contract or write a commercial offer itself, do you? The CRM system is a great way to influence the sales cycle through innovation, automating repetitive processes and routine. Today CRM helps managers to communicate with counterparties and each other, honestly and objectively distributing tasks. Due to the use of such systems, the business expects fewer surprises and more successful sales.

  1. I don’t need CRM – I have Excel

We think it’s crazy to compare CRM with Excel. Information is stored on the database side in the CRM. Even the most serious errors from the user interface can not damage the data, especially if there is a backup. However, in Excel, there are no such features, which makes it a much weaker competitor. Flexibility and multifunctionality of CRM reports are those tools that do not exist in the Excel precisely. On large data, CRM does not slow down, but Excel – yes. The CRM system is able to generate events and reminders for them. In the Customer Relationship Management system, access rights are assigned at any level, up to private clients, and in Excel, you can restrict editing rights, and the data is still visible. CRM-system forms documents based on the data entered supports templates, etc.

Myths about the CRMs systems.

Flexibility and multifunctionality of CRM reports are incomparably steeper than Excel spreadsheets. CRMs do not slow down on large data, but Excel is godless.  Without the necessary software, any CRM system will not be useful. Our Business Card Reader for Sugar CRM is the best way to solve your issues with the mountain of useless business cards. Scan business cards and transfer them to your CRM directly. Download the application right now: !
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