10 Ways to Attract Clients
It’s a fact that you attend a lot of business events. You meet top-tier prospects and give them your business card. But when you are driving home, you realize that twenty other people may have approached that prospect and presented their business cards. So what will make your card different from the collected stack?


These are 10 ways to assure that customers will read your card, and will have a strong desire to do business with you.


The 1-st: Keep your card “reader-friendly” by providing fields with white space. Unfortunately, we want to jam as much information on the card as the printer can hold in. However, people don’t want to bog down by reading long paragraphs. Make cards easy to read.

The 2-nd: Display your photo on your card. Think what happens when the person you met at the reception, flips through the cards she collected. Which people will she remember firstly and easily? Sure, the ones with photos. An important caution: be sure to use a picture, which is no more than five years old. The person who uses an outdated picture raises suspicion. What else about them is misrepresented?

3-rd: Stick with a standard size. You want your card to fit the card collections others maintain. An odd-shaped card might be tossed away as too embarrassing one.

4-th: Never economize on paper stock. The dollars you save can’t be compared with the dollars you will miss out, because prospects will think you might be the second rate, like your business card. It’s a severe mistake to economize on your card because the first view actually depends on how your business card looks like.

5-th: Spend what is needed to include color. Think about how many of your potential clients have black and white cameras, TV, and magazines? Try to avoid psychedelic colors unless you are a designer, artist, or entertainer. Your color photo will reflect a warm, vivid personality, so there’s no need to shock the readers’ senses.

6-th: Include your slogan. Your company slogan should identify your purpose. Six words are enough if they are the right chosen words.

7-th: If you have a logo, use it. Picture this in your mind: “Golden Arches.” Know the product? I am sure you do. That’s the power of symbols.

8-th: Tell readers how to contact you by phone, mail, and the Internet. This sounds so elementary, but you would be surprised at how many marketers skip this important data.

9-th: Use both sides of your card for information. No need to let half the space go unutilized. Many professionals put their mission statement on the backside and show it to prospects when they meet with them.

10-th: When you give your card to a prospective client, don’t offer just one. Instead, ask: “How many of these will you need to share with your staff?” You will be surprised at how many cards you will put into circulation with this simple question.


We hope this article was useful to you. If you have some mistakes in using business cards and it’s designing, choose the Business Card Reader application which approaches you the best. Use these few tips above and become more and more successful, developing your business with huge strength.


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