It is normal for the sale managers to be all ears when it comes to improving skills. But how often do you review basic tips for the sales manager? Whether you are rookie or professional, the general clue for selling are the for the most in your career and should not be overlooked. So let us break them down.


  1. Create a warm contact.
      The period of cold contact is long gone. Let us be honest, who would like to be distracted over the call from the stranger? In fact, it is more comfortable to buy from the familiar person rather from the alien who interrupted your daily routine.  On this stage, the sales manager should check tips on how to warm up potential clients.
  • Create your audience using social media. Posting useful content and sharing your experience is one of the best approaches to your target audience community.
  • Do not forget to use email marketing.  It is a reliable method to bring trust in customer relationships.
  • Practice webinar sessions. The community is always keen on actual information. Just be ready to embrace topics of the greatest relevance and you will build a common ground for the further interaction.


  1. Be an expert of your niche.
      It is not a big secret that, in most of the cases, one selects brands over unknown manufacturers. In fact, the credibility of quality increases when we hear a brand name. Such the principles can be applied to all branches. In other words, you will convince more customers to trust you by proving your profound knowledge. Here are some bits advice sales manager can try:
  • Show value you can deliver. Create useful content, assist your audience to reach the goals etc.
  • Use feedback to build social proof. It is one of the best ways to show people benefited from your offers.
  • Create a powerful brand name. Brand shows your reputation across the majority opinions.


  1. Provide sustainable support.
   Care is the key to the heart of customers. Be ready to contribute in customers even in post-sale activities if you still wonder how you can pull out yourself from the crowd. The sales manager should consider yourself not as a regular person who wants to boost revenue but as the one aiming to solve clients problems. With that said, usually, people buy in order to meet urgent problems. For instance, you can provide customers with useful information that helps to take more advantages from purchased product or service.


  1. Use sales scripts wisely.
   The world of sales is full of controversial opinions. While one part of professionals stands for the usage of the scripts claiming that sales drop dramatically without them. The others admit that scripts give customers impression of fake and intrusive conversation. Despite that fact, the sales manager should have the plan to be followed of as it will help you to:
  • Remember the key points;
  • Keep up with the line of thoughts;
  • Work out on main customer objections.


  1. Stop selling.
   Of course, it may seem weird, but we are not off topic at all. Remind yourself those moments when the deal failed because client found the numbers if illogical excuses to at the last moment. As a rule,  a lot of work is required to turn lead into a customer. From this prospect, it is better to focus on the building of relationship instead of selling. By establishing a relationship of trust, you create a guarantee that deal will hit the mark.


   Where those basic tips useful for you? It might be you didn’t read them before but intuitively followed them. And now, when you got evidence that your intuitive didn’t let you down you can confidently use the tips.
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