Call Tracker for LeadSquared CRM

Call Tracker - the best way to save your phone calls to LeadSquared CRM

No matter where you are!


Call Tracker for LeadSquared CRM is a mobile app intended to transfer data from smartphone into LeadSquared. It is exactly what you need if you want to record calls, track their duration, add your comments, create rules for tracking, add voice notes. It also lets you work with separate Contact or Lead: create and edit info.


The app is able to work offline and pending activities will sync automatically when the Internet connection is restored.



How it works

1. Make or receive a call on your Android smartphone

2. App automatically saves call info into CRM (who called, date, call duration)

3. After the call ends you can choose to save it into your CRM

3.a. You can set up rules for certain contact – always save or never save into a CRM

4. Done. Your call is saved into your connected CRM. You can also add notes (or voice notes) to the saved call


Track incoming and outgoing calls as Tasks in LeadSquared CRM

Record calls - audio files can be automatically sent to user’s Google Drive

Add unknown phone numbers with proper information (first, last name, company) to your phone

Attach calls to the following records in LeadSquared CRM: Account, Contact and Lead

Allow you to add voice notes

Add calls to your Call Log

Provide you an opportunity to create planned activities and set a reminder for them

Create rules to enable automatic call tracking for Contacts


1 Month Subscription

3 Months Subscription

6 Months Subscription

1 Year Subscription

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