Useful upgrade for your tasks


PhotoReport is an app that will help you create photo reports for your tasks in Google Tasks, Jira or Bitrix24 systems. It allows you to choose any task and add photos, take both text and voice notes. Information about each photo includes: geodata, compass angle, phone and GPS system time. The app can help you to conduct an audit in different business segments.



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How it works

1. Select a task where you would like to attach photos.

2. Snap a few photos and attach them to your task.

3. The app will transfer the photos automatically.


Attach photos to your tasks in Google Tasks, Jira or Bitrix24

Send 1-3 photos as attachments from your smartphone to the task

Login option through Gmail account

Add both text and voice notes

GPS coordinates are added to every photo

Store photos in Task Tracking System, Amazon S3, FTP, Google Drive

Flexible app settings

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