MobileWorks Solution for Enterprising

Are you a government organization?
Or you worried about your data security?
Then this is a great solution for you!

What is Enterprise Solution?


Enterprise Solution is a solution for state-owned companies. The server side of the application can be hosted in your country, or even with the consent of your office.

What are the benefits of corporate licensing?

Deployment options scan the server directly in your office or country

Support for corporate licensing

The safest way to scan

The gift of productivity for your company!

How can I order a corporate license for my team?

It is easier than it looks!

You can do it in one of two ways:

*Best if you want to buy via Google Play and when you need up to 8000 recognitions

*Best if you need an invoice or want the custom plan by request

Write what type of Expert Solution you choose
Price agreement
Get API or server