Don’t you know how to use Voice2Task as a pro yet? Can you imagine that Voice2Task is the easiest way of using task manager for Android? Even if you run a small business, this is the best task app for you which can bring you to success. Just take a look at this brief description and find out you can install and use todo app.


  • First and the most important things is to have an account at Bitrix24. Having the existing account, the first and foremost is to set up the application correctly. To do that a user has to open ‘Configuration’ and ‘Log in’. To connect to the CRM you just need to enter your Bitrix24 CRM login, password and URL.


  • Having the application configured and connected to the CRM, you have to mind that the necessary condition for the app to work is to be always turned on. So the service must be active.


  • That’s it! In this application you just push and talk – it’s very easy and comfy in use! It’s more convenient and confident way to perform different tasks in business. It is exactly what you need in your business very easy and comfy in use and what really makes breathing easier. You should:
  1. press the button in the center of the screen;
  2. say a task, then enter first name and surname of the worker to whom you are addressing your task and enter a date of the task;
  3. then you can write down additional information or some extra notes;
  4. after that just press on the button “Save” and that’s it.


  It’s not as hard as you can imagine. Voice2Task is easy in use task manager app. Now you can create tasks on-the-go and not wasting time on unnecessary things. So, it’s highly important to have such app as Voice2Task in your bucket list for downloading.This system can bring you to the highest level in your business activities.                         Hope, you will assure, you are a fluent consumer and that short description will help you with all your questions!
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