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SugarCRM is a free open source system. There is a huge number of CRM systems, among which we can allocate perspective and modern Sugar one, built on the LAMP architecture. This solution is used by lots of companies. According to the manufacturer, there are more than 50 000 organizations that use SugarCRM. Most of them are medium and small organizations, but large and world-famous corporations are also among them. For example Coca-Cola Enterprise, Starbucks, NASA Ames Research, AXA Rosenberg, Yahoo. And this is not a complete list.


SugarCRM can be installed both in your office and in any hoster. In another case, the hosting of the server is implemented on resources in the Netherlands and Ecuador to prevent the withdrawal of equipment by intruders and others..


Description of CRM sections


All sections are interconnected and easily configured without the call of an expensive programmer. For example, by opening a counterparty card we will see sub-panels (other CRM modules) with information about this customer. Also in this menu, we will see all info about workers of this company and all planned events for them. The system administrator has the ability to edit modules, starting with the field names and ending with the creation of completely new sections that are required exclusively by your organization. Sugar CRM has lots of opportunities and we assure you in this. Here are 2 apps, which are the most useful. These are Business Card Reader for SugarCRM and Call Tracker for SugarCRM. Let’s look at how it can be helpful for you and your business.


Business Card Reader for Sugar CRM is the easiest way to save your colleague’s business cards info into the CRM. You just should snap a photo of the business card and Business Card Reader instantly exports all card data into your CRM system.


The process is pretty easy…


Step 1: Launch the app

Step 2: Choose the “add new card option”

Step 3: Align the card in the viewfinder and click the camera icon. This will scan the card.

Step 4: The app will have identified items such as name, company, address, phone numbers. Check whether the details are accurate and correct what’s wrong.

Step 5: Click “Save”


And one more great solution for business people – Call Tracker for Sugar CRM. It is a mobile app designed for transferring data from the smartphone into Sugar. It is exactly what you need if you want to record calls, track their duration, add your comments, create rules for tracking and add voice notes. It also lets you work with separate Contact or Lead: create and edit info.


You may think, it’s hard to work with, but no. Lead this brief guide:


  1. Make or receive a call on your Android smartphone;
  2. Call data(who called, date, call duration) is automatically saved into your CRM;
  3. After the call ends, you can choose to save it into your CRM;
  4. Done. Your call is saved into your connected CRM. You can also add notes (or voice notes) to the saved call.


Just 4 little steps and you get all the useful info about your call. Great, isn’t it?


It’s up to you which CRM to choose, but remember – you should have the fruitful business and be successful. You will gain success faster and with more profits with ours Business Card Reader for SugarCRM and Call Tracker for SugarCRM!


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