Properly Usage of Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM

Scanning used to be a complicated action, which took minutes to slowly capture every inch of your document. Also, too many troubles to save a copy of your business cards. But thanks to the computer and camera in your pocket, turning business cards into digital contacts is easier than ever. Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM is one of the easiest and quickest way to save your business cards data into your CRM. Just snap a photo of the business card and Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM exports all card data directly into your CRM system in one moment.

Moreover, this innovative solution allows you to find out more information about your potential client, partner, or colleague. Just two taps and you get the following information: Company name, Job title, Department, Address, Social network profiles, messengers etc.

With this app, you can save a business card in just 2 clicks and 10 seconds of your time!

1. Snap a photo of a business card and app recognizes it automatically

2. Preview and save results

Here are some features of this product, that really help in business life:
– Simple and intuitive interface
– Built-in integration wizard exclusively for Pipedrive CRM
– Ability to recognize business cards from card images saved earlier
– 25 recognition languages supported
– Multilingual cards recognition supported
– Automatically add country phone code when code is missing in business card phone number
– Fast recognition process;
– Precise conversion of business card data;
– Preview results and make necessary changes before saving;
– Add text and voice notes for each business card;
– Instantly save results by one touch (to CRM, phone contacts or Gmail contacts);
– It doesn’t violate any laws or the privacy rights;
– It always keeps your contacts secure and in one place;

This service is very useful for every businessman to keep everything under the control and all information in one place! You won’t have a need to install a lot of applications to have your colleague’s personal data in hands because this one will do almost everything. Next time someone hands you a business card, give these apps a try. Your wallet will thank you — and you’ll never have to change it.


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