How to prevent profit
Sometimes a lost business card turns into a practically lost contact. You know the man, what’s his name, but it’s impossible to find a phone number when it’s so necessary. Even if you got used to accustomed coming to the office and putting all the new cards in a special folder, there is always a chance to forget where these cards are.


Somehow, a business card may be in a pocket or in a package.


One day there is a moment when you pull your smartphone out of your pocket and a card is accidentally lost.  The loss of cards is not so sad, but when you were robbed somewhere in the transport or in the subway it’s a completely different thing. Probably the thief was hoping to see a lot of money and bank cards in this wallet, and as a result, received a lot of useless business cards. However, for you, as a businessman, it’s priceless information and this loss is actually the loss of your entire business.


 With our Business Card Reader for Bitrix24 CRM, you won’t have to recover the stolen or lost information. Just in few clicks, you will be able to get all the information you need on your CRM system: Run the application, select 3 major languages for recognition. In general, you can choose from more than 25 languages! Awesome! Isn’t it? Take a photo of business cards and the application automatically recognizes it. Now, you just have to press the “Save” button and all the data will send to your CRM system. No more mountains of papers!


 It’s up to you, continue to lose business cards and at the same time potential customers or enjoy the growth of your business, along with a Business Card Reader for Bitrix24 CRM. Time is money, don’t lose it. Following the link and download this useful application: 
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