Have you ever thought about finding new customers, and not losing the existing ones?? How to develop customer relationship so that they have only positive emotions?

Trust and support – are the guarantee of any strong relationship. In business, the same rules are applied. If there is a trusting partnership between you and your clients, this is a guarantee of a lasting and fruitful cooperation. In addition, a satisfied customer, you can advise you to your friends and acquaintances as a reliable supplier. Such positive advertising is also very beneficial for your business.

We will write to you about 7 basic steps that will help you build good relationships with your customers. Let’s go!

STEP 1 Find out who your customer is

You need to be aware of what business he is involved in, what areas are within his professional interests. Also, what is your role in this business? Check out the customer’s history. You need to know the names of all key executives, top managers, as well as the financial turnover of the firm which you are going to cooperate with. Make your customer relationship profitable for both sides.

STEP 2 Always be in touch to strengthen customer relationship

Do not be limited to traditional ways such as a phone, email, video, online forums, etc. Several communication options guarantee you and your client constant awareness of how the work is progressing. This helps to understand which adjustments or changes should be made as well.

STEP 3 Try to ensure maximum openness and transparency in your work

Be frank with your client, if necessary – provide him with a full report of the work done. The customer relationship must be assured of your honesty and reliability. So it is very important to build cooperation in such a way that the client does not doubt even for a second that his interests are priorities for you.

STEP 4 Always interact with the client actively

Listen to all his suggestions and remarks carefully, even if its bad idea. Do not forget to say “thank you” the customer for cooperation and even for criticism, if it has a place to be.

STEP 5 Do not argue with the client and do not criticize his decisions

Even if the customer made a mistake, you should not tell him that. Ask him again, clarify all the key points and make sure you understand the tasks that the client has set for you. Next, agree on the time of the next meeting. This allows the client to feel that he or she has been heard and you will immediately start working.

STEP 6 Use mobile apps

Using some mobile apps will simplify your process of finding new customers. For example, Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM is a mobile app that allows you to send data from business cards into your Pipedrive CRM in two taps. Just take a picture of a business card and the application will scan all the necessary information, put it into the corresponding fields and send it to the CRM system.

STEP 7 Specify what exactly the client expects from you

Remember that his wish is your command, therefore it is necessary not only to know about all the desires of the customer but also to predict them in advance. Such interaction will allow you not only to satisfy all the needs of the client but also not to give him an excuse to apply for services to another company.

In conclusion, The art of sales is building relationships with the client. This is the art of maintaining the right distance with true intimacy. If you do not show emotional interest in the client – you can not build a connection.

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