Chatbot for Design Studio

Automate processes, save time and money, and make your staff more productive with a chatbot

The solution
The solution is aimed to provide a convenient tool for web designers. The automated management enables a higher level of time use and more convenient service for the customers:
  • Chatbot fully reflects the company’s services to attract new customers
  • It provides a client with several key questions so that you can more accurately evaluate the actual design project
  • The chatbot provides detailed information and suggestions for the project in response to received replies. It helps your clients a better understanding of what content they need for their new website etc
  • Inform the client on the estimated time of execution of the project
  • Determine the approximate project cost
  • Announces the expected start date of the project

  • What kind of issues are solved with the Chatbot
    The main issue is wasting time on:
  • Сustomer consultation
  • Find out what the client wants
  • Preliminary calculation and matching of terms

  • The Advantages of Chatbot

    Chatbot for Design studio is the unique chatbot, which provides a direct channel with the customers

    Automate responses for FAQ

    Chatbots are powerful replacements for contact forms

    Handle billing and payment-related questions

    Get customers' feedback

    Ready-To-Use Product

    You don’t need to wait when your Chatbot for Design Studio is developed – we have already created it for you. It only needs to be integrated with your existing systems.
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