There are many ways of printing and other types of advertising. However, the most common method of promotion is the distribution of business cards – the habitual attribute of any business activity. Beginning entrepreneurs, often wonder about the effectiveness of these cards, their main advantages and disadvantages, types and optimal ways of using them. This article is devoted to the consideration of all the above questions and help determine which card can significantly contribute to the development of a particular business.

What is a business card?

A business card is a small card made of paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic or even wood, the main function of which is to remind the necessary contact information. Business cards easily fit in purses, look nice and really are an excellent reminder of a particular person, organization or business. Business cards are distributed to the hands, they are left on stands, they are given out when buying a product or service.

Ways to distribute business cards

There are several popular ways to distribute such cards, each of which is described in details below:
  • Hand distribution. Business cards can be distributed as leaflets, in places of large concentrations of people – in the meeting, near cinemas, metro stations, stops, etc.
  • Distribution to visitors. If a person came to your store, a company, etc., he is interested in your service or product. You should give him a business card even if he did not buy anything because there is always the likelihood that the customer will want to return.
  • The layout of business cards in public catering establishments, shops, salons and other enterprises of a similar profile. So, for example, if you are the owner of a wedding salon, you should arrange your cards in registrars and other places where brides and grooms are most likely to appear.
  • Placement in cars in parking when the card is placed under the janitor of the car or in the section of the window. Usually this way of distribution is practiced by auto business enterprises directing their efforts to their target segment.
  • Placement of business cards in specialized magazines, where they can be “torn off” and taken away by a perforated line.

Advantages and disadvantages of business cards

Business cards have a number of serious advantages, among them:
  • Status. First of all, the presence of business cards emphasizes the “seriousness” of the enterprise. In fact, such a product declares the importance of the owner and/or his firm once again.
  • Informativeness. Despite the fact that the business card indicates basic information, it is enough to understand what kind of position is occupied by a particular person. More often, it is in the latter case that business cards become a powerful promotion tool that can significantly increase sales.
  • A variety of design options. Technology allows implementing any ideas of designers. You can create the design that corresponds to the profile of the company, emphasizes its status and at the same time attracts the eye.
  • The cost. Of course, the price of a party of business cards will depend on many factors, including the type of printing, material, design, processing after printing, etc. However, most often such a service is not expensive, especially if you compare business cards with more large-scale promotion tools, such as streamers or billboards.
  • Compact size. The small size of the business card allows the client to hide it in the wallet easily, where it will always be at hand.

However, along with numerous advantages, business cards have their own shortcomings

  • Limited information volume. Despite the fact that the format of business cards involves the placement of basic information, you can not describe in details the goods sold or services provided.
  • Short-liveness. The business card can be worn out, of course, if you did not take care of the appropriate processing after printing.
  • Easy to lose. The size of the business card is clearly an advantage, but it is also a drawback. You can lose it or just forget where you left your card. The situation is even more unpleasant when you realize that there was the valuable information about a customer or partner on the business card you lost.
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