Do you have a bunch of paperwork and to a greater extent it concerns business cards? Then you need to start using your smartphone camera as a scanner. It’s very convenient to view the desired document directly on a tablet or phone or in your CRM system instead of looking it in the folders. After such scanning practices, you will not want to go back and most of the business cards you just throw after digitizing.

You may ask what is CRM? In fact, any control and accounting option can be considered as a CRM-system, which will help you to improve the interaction with customers.

Technologies are progressing and now in the modern world it is difficult to find a business person (businessman) who would collect business cards in their сard holder instead of scanning them and storing them in their CRM system.

Our Business Card Reader for Hubspot instantly recognizes the text from the photo and places the contact data in the required fields.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the information.
Using our application with a CRM system, you can easily find the necessary for you data with few simple moves and everything is ready.

To scan a business card, firstly, you need to select the language of recognition. You can use 3 recognition languages simultaneously and the application itself supports 25 languages!

Now put the business card on a flat surface, run the application and take photos of business cards one by one. Then the application recognizes and fills the data in the required fields. You can also make a text or voice note mentioning the place where you have met the person or even some topics you have discussed.

Now you have to save the changes and the data will be sent to your CRM system.

Easy and fast, isn’t it? We recommend сheck now how useful this Business Card Reader is in practice! Use our app altogether, feel all the benefits and bring your business to a new level.

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