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5 reasons why salesman needs a CRM system

The salesman often considers the CRM system as another tool that will add work to them. It is also another way of controlling the manager. They are annoyed by the fact that you have to spend too much time to … Read More

10 time easier way of keeping up with your tasks

   All companies even if it is a small business want to drive themselves to such a complicated object as success. Different fields have their own style of variations of their road. Such as planning strategy and discipline by using … Read More

What is CRM System and How to Choose It?

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7 Cool Ways to Give Out Your Business Cards

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Best Android applications for business

The mobile applications are becoming a powerful marketing tool that allows you to solve various tasks, which are regarded to the business. There help: attracting customers; increase in sales; creating a positive image of the company; optimization of communication processes … Read More

5 Reasons Your Salespeople Hate Your CRM System

Customer Relationship Management software is the basis for most businesses. CRM adoption is growing faster than any other enterprise software category with a 9.7% increase year-over-year. So, with such headline figures, it begs the question: why do your salespeople hate … Read More

5 reasons your CRM system isn’t working—and its’ Solutions

Your sales department reclaims the leads coming out of marketing are not good enough. And marketing is also complaining that sales don’t follow up on leads. Sound familiar, isn’t it?   If so, it comes the time to check your … Read More

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How to build relationships with customers

Have you ever thought about finding new customers, and not losing the existing ones?? How to develop customer relationship so that they have only positive emotions? Trust and support – are the guarantee of any strong relationship. In business, the … Read More

CRM system — 5 business advantage

Entrepreneurs use the CRM system to optimize business processes for interaction with potential and existing customers. For many entrepreneurs, this is still a little-known term, but these technologies are definitely worthy of attention. People will never be replaced by computers … Read More

Properly Usage of Call Tracker for Base CRM

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use Call Tracker for Base CRM properly. It is much easier than it looks! Just take a look at this brief guide: The most important thing to make the application work is … Read More