Why do you need CRM if you have Excel

Why do you need CRM if you have Excel?

Small business representatives often think that without CRM it’s easy to do any work tasks. This thought has come, therefore entrepreneurs are not familiar with the capabilities of CRM programs. Let’s immediately explain which problems solve the CRM: The first … Read More

What is CRM system and why do you need it?

Successfully implement business projects and being in a highly competitive environment, is quite tricky. It has long been not enough to create a quality service or product and present them to the consumer. You need the ability to find the … Read More

increase sales

How to increase sales using the CRM system

Many entrepreneurs believe that the CRM system is the place where all customer information is stored. Data that can be applied in practice. In fact, the simple storage of information does not give big advantages. But the availability of processed … Read More

how do tears help in sales

How do “tears” help in sales?

Have you ever thought that sales can be made with emotions? For example, “tears” in sales is a term that is used to encourage a customer to make a purchase. It is handy because it is base on the deep … Read More

bonus for CRM users

Great bonus for all CRM users and Halloween lovers!

Greetings to all pretty human beings and supernatural creatures 🙂 Our spooky company has prepared a special treat for all of you! Only today you have a perfect chance to purchase Corporate plan and get +15% more credits!!  Isn’t it … Read More

frequent mistakes

3 Frequent mistakes of entrepreneurs

Does your business require more and more investment to stay afloat? If so, you need to know this is abnormal and the situation needs to be corrected. Businesses are different, but problems are the same. They do not always consist … Read More

8 ways to increase sales with CRM

8 ways to increase sales with CRM

One of the main objectives of the CRM system is to increase the company’s profits. In this article will consider 8 ways how to increase sales with CRM. 1. CRM system helps to store information about potential sales in one place. … Read More

How to increase sales

How to increase sales: 4 simple rules for saving customers

Did you know that the CRM system does not let customers get lost at any stage? It helps keep clients from the first contact to the re-sale. Any manager is immune from mistakes, lost contacts, and forgotten cases. Therefore, you … Read More

CRM system, salespeople,salesman

5 reasons why salesman needs a CRM system

The salesman often considers the CRM system as another tool that will add work to them. It is also another way of controlling the manager. They are annoyed by the fact that you have to spend too much time to … Read More

Best Android applications for business

The mobile applications are becoming a powerful marketing tool that allows you to solve various tasks, which are regarded to the business. There help: attracting customers; increase in sales; creating a positive image of the company; optimization of communication processes … Read More