Track your
calls effectively.

Let your calls become your sales weapon.

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Save to your calls with Call Tracker

Step 1

Get or make a call

After call ends choose to save it to your CRM or not.

Save toward goals

Step 2

Add Call Log

You can add activities such as Calls, Tasks or Events related to this call.

Save automatically using rules

Step 3

Create a new contact

Choose whether it is Lead, Contact or Account, edit information and add description.

Save together with shared group goals

Step 4

Keep YOUR CRM always filled with new data

All the information is sent timely and you can easily continue doing your job.

All accounts in one place, the wallet


What people are saying

Martin Huml

"It is VERY USEFUL to use phone contacts as possible source of data."

Jordan Grey

"So useful to keep your calls tracked! I use this and really enjoy. Easy to work with, can be configured to set which calls I want to ignore and which I want always save."

Stepan Kosovskiy

"First I paid for the month, tried it, when the month ended I realized that without this thing I can not work, now I paid 3 months.!"

Maiya Rodriges

"Started using this app and now all my friends use it."

Priya Malhi

"Like the integration with my Zoho!"

Joseph Brown

"Great tool for my business communication. Especially when I’m on the road."