Business Card Reader.
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Scan your business cards and store info accurately to your CRM directly.

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Step 1

Capture a Photo of a Business Card...

...or choose one from the Gallery. You can recognize cards in 25 languages! Furthermore, our card reader accurately captures info multilingual cards!!!

Save toward goals

Step 2

Enrich Your Data

Not enough info? Simply enrich it. You can:

  • Automatically add country phone code when it is missing;
  • Add Text and Voice notes for each business card;
  • Navigate to contact address on map;
  • Save the location of a business card recognition process;
  • Get more extended person’s information from database of Company name, Position, Job title, Address, Social network profiles (Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter), messengers etc.

Save automatically using rules

Step 3

Review and Send

You can make all necessary corrections before adding a new client or business partner to your CRM Account.

Save together with shared group goals

Step 4

Save new Leads and Contacts directly to your CRM

In addition you can save results into your phone contact or Gmail contacts.

All accounts in one place, the wallet


What people are saying

Michael James

"This makes my day so much easier. I no longer have a mountain of business cards laying around the office."

Chinedum Amachi

"My business app that rocks This app works like magic!"

Warren Edwards

"Been waiting for seamless integration of my business and contacts for years. Thank You!"

Leonard Harrison

"Amazing for business As a small business consultant, I recommend this to almost all of our clients."

Cassie West

"Perfect What a time saver this app is!! Thanks so much for making life easier"

Judson Uhre

"Its great! Worth Every Penny!"