A business card is not only an attribute but a tool to draw attention to your personality. After each conference, there are dozens of business cards in your pocket. How many of them have a chance to get into your wallet or CRM system? Before creating a business card, you need to think about its concept. At least – read this article entirely. Here we have written 15 recommendations about the creation, design and competent work with business cards. We hope that you will not have any more questions about how to use it better.

1. A business card is not the outdated stuff, but is still a very useful “point of contact”, it is an attribute that every person must have.


2. It is better to have at least some kind of a business card than develop its concept and don’t have anyone for months.


3. As to the standard, a business card is a piece of cardboard in the form of a rectangle, the most popular sizes are 90×50 mm, 80×40 mm and 70×35 mm.


4. Business cards of the company execute in a single corporate style – company name, logo, index, address, link to the website.


5. The name and surname of the author in the business card are usually written in a more extensive and bold font.


6. The main drawback of most business cards is a too small font.


7. It is recommended to add links to your accounts in social networks in contact data from the “socialisation” of the business environment perspective.


8. It is recommended to avoid italics style in the design of a business card.


9. Choose a readable font without having to bring the card to the nose and eyes, avoid any lace fonts.


10. Pay great attention to the quality of the paper – you do not want your business card to scrap when you touch it like cotton wool.


11. On the back of the business card, you can give a discount code for those who are willing to buy your products.


12. If a man and a woman participate in the negotiations, then the first business card is awarded by a man.


13. If you change any contact information or position – change your business card immediately, don’t sketch or strip anything.


14. Business cards should always be in your pocket, and not stored under a pillow.


15. Using Business Card Reader for Salesforce CRM, you will not need to take individual cardholders. Scan business cards – it’s simple. The application will recognise all the data itself and send it directly to your CRM system. Everything is simple. Download this application and simplify your life: https://goo.gl/RAF2HV
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