А bundle of CRM and Call Tracking

Why do you need a bundle of CRM and Call Tracking?

These are two things that can exist individually, but then the benefits will be quite little. However, both services approach the solution of these problems from different angles, not to mention that their complete tools are much broader. If you use only one of them, either CRM or Call Tracking, some important information will be missed.

What can a bundle of CRM and Call Tracking systems do?

  • automatically create entities (contacts, transactions, tasks) without duplicating them;
  • send reminders about the need to call back to an unanswered call, contact the customer;
  • store all the information about a contact, including the call recording, and it is convenient to filter it;
  • promptly transfer information from Call Tracking to CRM;
One employee will take a lot of time to do a similar job, but with our Call Tracker applications, it is easy to do. Thanks to the well-thought-out combination of these two services, you get a tool that allows you to keep all the company’s processes under control. 

MagneticOne Mobile is interested in allowing companies to provide their employees with good tools for working with automatic data transfer from applications to their CRM. In a short time, we have created useful apps that will bring your business to a new level:

Integration of CRM and Call Tracking system is an advanced tool for Internet analytics and workflow automation of the company. It solves many problems:
  • recording and listening to phone conversations to analyze the effectiveness of the script and assess the professionalism of employees;
  • maintenance of the customer base, including information on calls;
  • automatic reminders to employees about current tasks and missed calls;
  • storage and filtering of data, drawing up reports for the sales department in a convenient interface;
  • monitoring the work of the sales department by monitoring their activities;
  • getting statistics about orders by phone;
  • identification of the causes of lost transactions and their elimination;
Using Call Tracking and CRM you will get an idea of each step of your client on the road to buying. Understanding which keywords and pages lead to sales. Improving the quality of customer service will force them to return. So far, there is no single five-in-one tool that would solve all these issues. But if you have the bundle of CRM and one of our Call Tracker your business will certainly go up.
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